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The Dilemma

Here’s a riddle for you: So when is an hour not really an hour?

Answer: When the hour of work you are paying for isn’t the hour of work you need.

Our “Competition”

PDAgent builds and designs Mobile Apps, and we see it all the time. Companies that think they got a great deal on a low hourly rate, and then they get the App back from the developers, but the App doesn’t do what they need. So they have to pay for more hours, and suddenly it’s not a great deal anymore.

We see the other side, too, where companies get suckered on a bid for an entire app for a low, low fixed price, and then have to spend more and more money to make their App actually work.

So we do things differently.

Our Approach

We prefer to break work into a series of milestones that we expect to take a week or two. We and the client agree on the deliverable and the fixed price for that “sprint)” and once it’s done, we give it to the client.

We can adjust timing or deliverables or features between each sprint, and the client owns each unit of work as it’s delivered, and can walk away at any time. “Bargain” shops rarely allow payment to be contingent on milestones.

Our Clients

We prefer working with existing businesses, and we prefer working on Apps that interact with existing websites or services. We prefer clients that know their customers. Those clients are far more likely to know what works for their business and they are more collaborative with us.

Does that sound like you? Could your business benefit from a mobile App? Wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who gives you real value for your money, instead of just a bunch of “hours”?

Our Solution

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If so, Click here and we’ll set up a time to talk about your business and how we might help. And there’s no charge until we both agree on a deliverable we can provide that’s of real value to you.