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Once, an enterprise consulting client asked us to extend their order-entry system so that their sales force could approve orders from their Palm VII PDAs while on the golf course. (Do you remember Palm VIIs? No? That’s okay, no one else does, either.)

Then, in 2005, we founded PDAgent to build mobile software (they weren’t called Apps back then). We even named our company after the PDA back when we thought “PDA” was going to be what everyone was going to call computers that fit in a your pocket. (Oh, well, you can’t be right all the time).

We wrote software for PalmOS and Windows Mobile, back then, but distribution was a nightmare, and we couldn’t make a living from it. But we still thought mobile was the future.

In 2007, we believe that Apple’s iPhone proved us right.

Since 2008, we have been instrumental in the development of several popular iPhone Apps for clients, some published under our name, and others not.

We can be instrumental to your business, too:

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